Welcome to Chill Hut’s Surf School:
    “A boutique experience”

    At Chill Hut’s Surf School we provide tailored/ boutique surf lessons for individuals and small groups.

    Combining our experience with a structured methodology, we deliver specialist coaching that takes into account your surfing goals and the different motivations of people.

    This form is for us to get to know you better, so we can suit the surf lessons better to your individual needs. The more detail you include the better.

    ***If you feel uncomfortable filling out any details, feel free to leave them out 🙂

    Part 1 - Your Details

    Part 2 - Your Experience



    Your Goals

    We want to know about your goals
    to tailor the experience to you 🙂

    What level of surfer are you?

    (please tick one)

    I’m a beginner. I’ve never surfed.

    I can get to my feet and ride broken waves in the white water under control.

    I can get to my feet and adjust the speed of the board, change direction in the white water and take-off on small knee-to-waist-high unbroken waves with an instructor on hand to help.

    I can paddle out and catch waist-to-shoulder-high unbroken waves, taking off on right and left hand waves and riding down the line under control with an instructor present.

    I can paddle out and catch head-high unbroken waves, taking off right and left and performing basic turns on the face of the wave without assistance.

    I can do all of the above and basic cut-backs.

    I can do all the above and I am linking turns and manoeuvres.

    I can do all the above and I am linking radical turns and manoeuvres in the critical section of the wave.

    • Can swim

    • Is physically fit to take part in the activity

    • Will comply with the safety regulations

    I confirm

    All participants must follow the instructor's safety directions and decisions. Chill Hut operates in all weather conditions unless it is deemed unsuitable or unsafe by the instructor. Chill Hut accepts no responsibility for personal injury or loss of property, although we do our absolute best to make sure these don’t happen. A refund is possible in case of accident or illness only (upon proof of medical consultation). Your privacy is paramount to Chill Hut. We will not forward your personal details to anyone.