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Stay chill
this summer

Enjoy the sun without the risk
of sunburns

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You shouldn’t have to
be afraid of the sun

Don’t leave the beach burnt.

Our Chill Huts will keep you safe while
you and your loved ones enjoy the beach

Why use a Chill Hut?


Lightweight and mobile, setup
your Chill Hut in 2 minutes, for
hours of protection

Sun Safe

Made of Super stretchy UPF 50+
fabric certified by New Zealand and Australia standards


Designed in a range of sizes that can
withstand all that NZ Summers
throw at them, while maintaining a
chill environment

Having grown up by the beach, we’ve seen first hand the struggle that families go through to protect themselves from the sun.

Enjoying the beach is the centre piece of Kiwi summers. We care about sun safety and wanted to create a modern beach shade that reduces your worries, and betters the experience.

Quick set up, a modern design and proven sun protection, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the beach with peace of mind.

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Tested by
over 100 kiwis

UPF 50+ Fabric

surpassing NZ’s Sun Safe Standards

Take Back Your Summer in 3 Simple Steps

Take Back Your
Summer In 3
Simple Steps


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2 minute setup leads to hours
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Sun Shell
Small (4 people)
In Stock
Chill Hut
Medium Size (6 People)
In Stock
Sun Shed
Large Size (10 person)
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Sun Shell


Made from a polyester lycra blend, the sun shell is the smallest of our chill huts weighing in at just 1.5kg’s. Perfect for the solo chiller, couples, small families (upto 4 people) or anyone who wants to enjoy the ease of our smallest hut at the best price!

What You Get:

  • Carry Bag
  • 2 Aluminum Alloy Rust proof poles (size 165cm)
  • 4 sand anchors attached to your Chill Hut by strings

Sun Shell size:210cm x 150cm

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Chill Hut


The Chill Hut is our signature model and is the perfect combination of comfort and value. Weighing in at 1.7 kg and suited for up to 6 people, the Chill Hut provides a wider shade for the whole family, for a picnic or even for hungover afternoons with the boys.

Chill Hut size:210cm x 210cm

What you get:

  • Carry bag
  • 2 Aluminum Alloy Rust proof poles (size 165cm)
  • 4 sand anchors attached to your Chill Hut by string
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Sun Shed


The Sun Shed is our biggest model that’s will provide you an huge shade. with the 205cm poles, you will be able to set up a table or make a party up 10 people.

What you get:

  • Carry bag
  • 2 Aluminum Alloy Rust proof poles (size 205cm)
  • 4 sand anchors attached to your Chill Hut by strings

Sun Shed size:280cm x 280cm

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Set up your Chill Hut
in 4 simple steps

1Spread the tent, ropes and
sand anchors flat on the sand
in a ‘X’ shape.
2Fill the sand anchors as much
as possible and pull the rope to
3Fully stretch the X shape by
moving the anchors.
4Assemble the poles and locate
them about half a foot from the
corners. It is essential that you
face the opening towards the

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Don’t regret going to the beach

Protect your family with Chill Hut’s proven sun shade
and make the most of your summer.

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